About our case and the prison system in Spain.

Before digging into the question of our stay in jail and before analyzing how the prison system is, I would like to explain our case.

On January 27, the Spanish state entered with assault rifles at 7:00 am in my old address, which I lost due to my entrance to pre-trial detention and police leaks to the newspaper La Razón in which I am charged absurdly of being the armed wing of the PKK. We would have to ask how is it possible to be the armed wing of a guerrilla, who are already armed. But, well, regardless of this absurdity, the accusations are false and based on an invented and fraudulent testimony. Where did the “everybody is innocent until proven guilty” thing go? Ask the Spanish justice, the police and La Razón. That same day another 8 houses were assaulted, seven from members of my Party and one from a pro-Kurd activist. Later 3 were sentenced without trial to prison, another member of my Party, the Kurd and me.

We have lost our homes, people do not like renting to “terrorists.” We also lost our jobs (for the same reason) and even our belongings, which, magically and without any evidence, have disappeared: clothes, books and even a play 4 … but of course, the police do not steal things. That’s why before all the things existed and after their research they were gone. In reality it is because they are magicians, “humor magicians”.

We lost our premises, they broke the door for not being with the keys on the register, but, how can the same person be in two simultaneous registrations? When we told them that we gave the keys to other companions and that we would take them, the answer was: “we have our special key”, “we leave everything in place so that you don’t have problems”; After which they destroyed the premises and left it opened in purpose. Result: some “yonkis” occupied the premises and destroyed everything. When we told the police, they asked, “but are they still there?”; So, this is the police in this country, worse than the most regrettable of the banana republic. We can see that the state security forces are still as professional as in the dictatorship. At least we can claim that they are still humor magicians.

I forgot, they also illegalized us for a year. You will say: “well, at least it’s just a year.” Lie: as soon as the year is over, they’ll have to continue with the investigation because there is absolutely nothing so they will lengthen it until they want to celebrate the trial.

I wasn’t present in my companions’ statements but I want to tell you that the prosecutor only asked me a question, a trifle, and said a few words. Then I discovered to my astonishment that the words were: “imprisonment without bail.” And I was sent to Soto del Real along with the other two companions. They went out after four days with bail, and you will ask, but why do they take four days to leave if they had the bail request from the beginning? I remind you that we are dealing with “something” created by the magicians of humor and democracy.

Since January 27th, I was kidnapped a total of 49 days by the state, being innocent and having absolutely nothing to do with the alleged crimes.

Here it ends the previous explanation of what happened to us due to this police / judicial assembly, prior to the analysis of the situation in the prison itself.

Prison in Spain: Reinsertion or extermination and business.

Now let’s take a look at the jail. Not as they are drawn through the media, but as it is in reality, how people live and suffer living inside the prison as a prisoner:

As soon as I got to jail with my companions after more than 50 hours of adventure, they took our clothes off, trying to figure out what to do. We were given a white boilersuit, we were told that in one day they would give us the clothes we wore at the time of the arrest, and waited and waited. My companions left on bail and I kept waiting for a total of seven days until I was given my clothes, and another week passed until they gave me the package with my clothes that my friends left me.

We were taken directly to the FIES regime which supposedly is the isolation module for conflicting inmates,but in reality it is an extermination module. In fact the first FIES was type 1 and included “conflictive” inmates, but as it was revealed that they were exterminating them they decided to add 4 new FIES. We were into the third type, the one of the armed bands, if you ask me which armed band, I do not know the answer … but you know, the magicians of humor. In my case (I say in my case for details, but the regime is like this in general) the FIES regime consisted of having me locked up in a dirty cell (I was not given anything to clean in a week) 21 hours a day and the remaining three in a patio. This patio, a very private patio, if it rains you get wet like the others, and if you don’t go out then 24 hours locked up. A patio of just 10 square meters, dirty and with nothing to do. In many occasions they take you alone, 24 hours without being able to talk to anyone. In addition, unlike the normal module, the food is strictly rationed, that meand very poor quality and quantity.

It’s a situation that would make anyone mad, but don’t you think it’s a coincidence, they do it on purpose. Jail is set up as a big business just as FIES regime.

Many people coming out of jail talk about the ease in jail (now I’m refering in isolation conditions) for drug trafficking and consumption, but not only they allow drugs to be introduced “Illegally”, also through the less professional doctors that can be conceived, the medicate and even force the inmates so that they don’t give any problem. In order to have them alienated and unable to denounce the daily abuses they suffer, so that they can’t put up for their rights, because despite what people may think, most long-term prisoners tend to be class-conscious against jailers and the state. That is why they use drugs and isolation to exterminate them. Causes are invented against them and they suffer one sentence after another that accumulate until they reach the point that some try to ask for the reviewable life sentence because it would be an improvement of their situation, can you imagine a situation that leads a person to beg for a perpetual? You will think that I am an exaggerated but I have seen a prisoner who had been in prison for 31 years, entered with 16 (by the old code) and gave him more than 40 pills daily and had him in what is called a short gallery. What does this mean? That you are only with two people in isolation (one of them me), is the isolation inside the isolation, the gallery of punishment. So they allow drugs, or they give pills that are not needed to desperate people, but also they allow the supply of certain pills that by mixing in a certain way can produce drugs very similar to those consumed on the outside, encouraging drug trafficking within the prison to unsuspected limits.

The drug is a very lucrative business, so it is inside jail. The drug is a way to destroy men and in jail it os the most careful way to kill a man.

But business in jail does not end here, now we go where business really appears: the stores, the phone cards and the slave labor. I will analyze them separately:

  • Commissaries: The prison food is totally insufficient, which makes those privileged prisoners who have money income thanks to relatives, if it arrives, (mine were lost and they didn’t give me in two months) to buy in the commissary. In it you can buy food or items of hygiene, letters, stamps, etc … now you will say: – “you have rights so why would you complain?”, “they hardly take money from that” – will say some. And … what if I told you that those who work in the shops should work every single day a minimum of ten hours a day without any compensation? It is slave labor, legal and allowed. What business doesn’t work when you force to buy and your workers are in worse conditions than the slaves in the Roman Empire? Any official will say they are volunteers…

Despair is a big problem for prisoners, especially if they have no culture because their material conditions (due to this murderous capitalist system) have not allowed them to study and have condemned them to adversity. Then a social counselor comes and gives you the choice: to honor your full sentence or to work and earn points for the third degree. You are already condemned within your sentence, you don’t have another choice, to face the system or to try and leave as soon as possible. This is where they take advantage to get slave labor from.

Isolation has its peculiarities in this matter, I was offered to clean the prison four hours a day to show my good behavior since I am preventive and couldn’t offer me blackmail as they can do with condemned prisoners. My answer was clear: I am a political prisoner, I don’t do the work of anyone here, and less the work of the ones who want to exterminate me.

  • Phone cards: This is the only way to effectively communicate with the outside world (I’ll talk about why the letters aren’t). In my case for being “dangerous” I wasn’t allowed to make the incoming call, mandatory by law, so I had to wait 10 days to be able to communicate as soon as I got the intervention of communications because in FIES you have to deliver a bill Phone so that they can accredit it. As if they couldn’t just find out. How strange that the radical Islamists don’t have to present anything and let them do what they want (I’ll talk about it later). So you have to buy a phone card periodically. We come back to the same thing, Telefónica which is the card company, has forced clients, has no competition, if you don’t purchase you are lost. Again despair while they are billing tens of thousands of euros per jail.

Prison is a business in Spain. It doesn’t serve to re-enter, whether you enter to the business or you are out of everything. I tried to continue studying (they arrested me the first day of the exam week) and when I didn’t accept the business I wasn’t allowed to study: the first social counselor of Soto del Real (the second supervisor, the one in Estremera was a human person, the only one I have known in prison) laughed at me saying that communists didn’t deserve to study, neither to eat.

There is no reinsertion in prison, only business and extermination. The prison system does not work, it only works for the companies and the state that profits through them. The one that complains about this goes to isolation, to be exterminated, through drugs, tortures, etc …

Politicians who should be prisoners and political prisoners in Spain

It’s hilarious when Interior Minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, fills his mouth about how Spain is fighting ISIS when Spain and its government of traitors, felons and country-sellers are those who sell arms to Turkey and Arabia Saudi so that they provide ISIS. He accused us of terrorists for having relations (we haven’t) with the same kurds that the leaders of his alliance have met. If I am a terrorist so he is 200 times more, they should put him in prison in isolation immediately, to see if a weak and pusillanimous as he resists the situation. They allow ISIS activity in Spain and they allow them to recruit happily, and repress a Party for the simple fact of being supportive and not denying those who voluntarily decide to undertake the direct fight against ISIS. If there is an independent justice in Spain, our judgement must fall as quickly as possible.

Also this person, who represents all the values of the national shame, is always affirming that in Spain there are no political prisoners and that people movements are not limited. So why don’t you let me out of the country? Why have I been in jail without being condemned? Why are people stuck for writing on the internet or in a newspaper? Why are there prisoners for being lawyers for certain people? Why are there prisoners for belonging to a Party? Why are there prisoners for strikes or to defend themselves against fascists? Why are people charged for civil disobedience? Why do not they apply the same standards with Venezuela? Why do they exterminate people with the FIES regime? Why is the minister not judged as what he really is and is not in jail? Why is the PP charged with illegal funding, corruption and even criminal organization and not criminalized and criminalized and imprisoned their leaders? Why only left-wing fighters go to jail? The answer is very simple: the government of Spain is a shame. We are experiencing an acute process of fascism and we must all oppose ourselves in unity. We live a democratic deficit since the political reform that was called “transition”. We need to make a democratic breakthrough, to rescue Spain from the quagmire in which all the reactionary salespeople in government put us in.

I have known a large number of political prisoners in prison: from Galicia, from País Vasco, social prisioners, antifascists, the vast majority without a blood crime and facing sentences of a hundred years. From here I want to thank prisoners from País Vasco who taught me how to move in prison and how to face with courage and dignity this hard test that unfortunately I have had to live.

It is necessary to publicize the cases of all the political prisoners of this state and to fight for the political amnesty so that they are released as soon as possible.

From here, I tell the Interior Minister that it is very difficult to destroy the one who is not willing to surrender, who does not care being in prison or sacrificing his own life, that the longer they take to give in and accept amnesty, the more intense and intense will be our fight, but that inevitably amnesty will be conquered sooner or later.

We are not criminals, we are communists. They can destroy us, imprison and torture us as individuals, but as a vanguard of the revolutionary class nothing and no one can stop us. With these measures they do not eliminate the class struggle, they only create conditions in which it is going to be sharpened even more.

Life in jail

I just want to point out that you can come out of jail, that you should always have a positive attitude, you should reject all kinds of drugs, try to eat the best as possible, don’t think about what they are doing to you, but why you are there and that you aren’t going to bend, continue your fight in prison as you have always fought outside, make a routine, discipline yourself as you have never done, train very hard, body and mind, you must read, you must train, prison can not stop your political training. In fact, it is a good time to intensify it.

It is important that you are aware of why you are there. Political prisoners of the state are an example, they are those who fight for the future, for a better world, they represent progress. While those who have sent you there represent the forces of the past, the attempt to remain, they can try as much as they want, but we are going to overthrow them.

I fight for socialism, for Marxism-Leninism, for proletarian internationalism, they only fight for money. We are the future, they are the spoils of the past.


I have written this letter to make our situation known and to encourage people not to be afraid of repression, and if they do, it does not matter. What matters is knowing how to overcome that fear. The state can’t be allowed to say who can do what through fear of repression, repression must be something not to worry about (in terms of not stopping, not in terms of not being careful).I wasn’t worried about jail, I won’t stop being communist even if they put me in jail. They would have defeated me only if I had agreed to disappear, awaiting their benevolence, to remain at home doing nothing. That would only mean betraying my communist principles, that would be falling defeated.

Lastly, I want to thank all those who have been fighting and continue fighting for our freedom, those who don’t care about differences or rumorology and who are really supportive people. Also unfortunately I want to have a few words for those who write a statement to wash their faces because they are the shame of organizations, to call them somehow, and refuse to do more to be different or for the fact that the have had “x” problem (even imaginary) . To these people, I tell them to be revised, that when their turn comes, if they ever become revolutionaries (they aren’t….) they’ll want others not to be like them. Without a doubt I’ll be where I have to be, with those who fight.


Roberto Vaquero