Introduction Manual to Marxism-Leninism.

After the great success of the Spanish edition of the Introduction Manual to Marxism-Leninism and due to the number of requests that you have made from other countries, we have been forced to offer an online version in English.

Our translation team have been totally focused on offering the best possible version during the last weeks and we hope everyone to be satisfied.

The Manual pretends to be a tool for the people who wants to learn about Marxism-Leninism to make it the easiest way possible. And also, to have a theoretical basis to start to deepen its study.

The Introduction Manual to Marxism-Leninism, written by Juan Mesana, is divided in three different sections. The first one for the philosophy where dialectic materialism is explained as opposed to idealist and metaphysic theories used and defended by the bourgeoisie.

The second part is about economical politic, where Marxist terms are introduced, terms as the surplus value (capital gains), law of value, anarchy of production, etc. And the laws of economic development are laid bare either in pre-capitalists or capitalists production modes and its last phase, imperialism, showing clearly its natural destiny.

And finally, the third part is the historical materialism one. There, topics like what’s the state, which is the work of the communist party and how should it be organized, the Spanish national question and the multiple revisionist aspects that communism has suffer along the history are exposed. In the manual’s index, you are given, point by point, with the topics considered necessary for this manual prepared for beginners.

We encourage you to read the manual and keep deepening in every aspect of Marxism. From the Universidad Obrera’s team, we work daily in order to keep enlarging our library with classic texts, recovered historical texts and self-made texts. You may find that and much more in the Universidad Obrera’s website.

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Después del gran éxito de la edición del Manual de Introducción al Marxismo-Leninismo en castellano y debido al gran número de peticiones que nos habéis hecho desde el extranjero, nos hemos visto obligados a ofrecer una versión inédita online, en inglés.

Nuestro equipo de traducción se ha volcado estas últimas semanas para poder ofrecer la mejor versión posible y de la que esperamos que todo el mundo salga satisfecho.

El manual pretende ser una herramienta para que la gente que pretende comenzar a formarse en el marxismo-leninismo pueda hacerlo de forma más sencilla y tener una base teórica para comenzar a profundizar en el estudio.

El Manual de Introducción al Marxismo-Leninismo de Juan Mesana está dividido en diferentes secciones. La primera parte la filosófica, donde se explica el materialismo dialéctico en oposición a la teoría idealista y metafísica defendida por la burguesía.

La segunda parte es la economía política, donde se introducen los términos marxistas, como la plusvalía, la ley del valor, anarquía de la producción, etc., y se ponen al desnudo las leyes de desarrollo económico tanto en modos pre-capitalistas como en el modo capitalista de producción y su fase última, el imperialismo, dejando claro cuál es el destino natural de este.

Por último, la tercera parte es la del materialismo histórico. Aquí se tratan temas variados como qué es el estado, cuál es el trabajo del partido comunista y cómo debe organizarse, la cuestión nacional y diferentes vertientes revisionistas que ha sufrido el comunismo a lo largo de la historia. En el índice del libro tenéis punto por punto qué temas son considerados necesarios para este manual preparado para principiantes.

Os animamos a leer el manual y a seguir profundizando en todos los aspectos del marxismo. Desde el equipo de Universidad Obrera trabajamos diariamente para seguir ampliando nuestra biblioteca de textos clásicos, la recuperación de textos históricos y los textos de elaboración propia. Todo eso y más, podéis encontrarlo en la web de Universidad Obrera.


About our case and the prison system in Spain.

Before digging into the question of our stay in jail and before analyzing how the prison system is, I would like to explain our case.

On January 27, the Spanish state entered with assault rifles at 7:00 am in my old address, which I lost due to my entrance to pre-trial detention and police leaks to the newspaper La Razón in which I am charged absurdly of being the armed wing of the PKK. We would have to ask how is it possible to be the armed wing of a guerrilla, who are already armed. But, well, regardless of this absurdity, the accusations are false and based on an invented and fraudulent testimony. Where did the “everybody is innocent until proven guilty” thing go? Ask the Spanish justice, the police and La Razón. That same day another 8 houses were assaulted, seven from members of my Party and one from a pro-Kurd activist. Later 3 were sentenced without trial to prison, another member of my Party, the Kurd and me.

We have lost our homes, people do not like renting to “terrorists.” We also lost our jobs (for the same reason) and even our belongings, which, magically and without any evidence, have disappeared: clothes, books and even a play 4 … but of course, the police do not steal things. That’s why before all the things existed and after their research they were gone. In reality it is because they are magicians, “humor magicians”.

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