About our case and the prison system in Spain.

Before digging into the question of our stay in jail and before analyzing how the prison system is, I would like to explain our case.

On January 27, the Spanish state entered with assault rifles at 7:00 am in my old address, which I lost due to my entrance to pre-trial detention and police leaks to the newspaper La Razón in which I am charged absurdly of being the armed wing of the PKK. We would have to ask how is it possible to be the armed wing of a guerrilla, who are already armed. But, well, regardless of this absurdity, the accusations are false and based on an invented and fraudulent testimony. Where did the “everybody is innocent until proven guilty” thing go? Ask the Spanish justice, the police and La Razón. That same day another 8 houses were assaulted, seven from members of my Party and one from a pro-Kurd activist. Later 3 were sentenced without trial to prison, another member of my Party, the Kurd and me.

We have lost our homes, people do not like renting to “terrorists.” We also lost our jobs (for the same reason) and even our belongings, which, magically and without any evidence, have disappeared: clothes, books and even a play 4 … but of course, the police do not steal things. That’s why before all the things existed and after their research they were gone. In reality it is because they are magicians, “humor magicians”.

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Workers’ University introduction.

The Workers’ University is born as a project to disseminate Marxism-Leninism, it comes from the union of several marxist-leninist writers, historians, lawyers and sociologists.

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