About our case and the prison system in Spain.

Before digging into the question of our stay in jail and before analyzing how the prison system is, I would like to explain our case. On January 27, the Spanish state entered with assault rifles at 7:00 am in my old address, which I lost due to my entrance to pre-trial detention and police leaks … Continúa leyendo About our case and the prison system in Spain.

Workers’ University introduction.

The Workers' University is born as a project to disseminate Marxism-Leninism, it comes from the union of several marxist-leninist writers, historians, lawyers and sociologists. It is an open project, within certain limits, we accept collaboration, if you want to collaborate write an email to: universidadobreraml@gmail.com At first, as we want to expand areas of development … Continúa leyendo Workers’ University introduction.